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Welcome to the Giveaway Millionaire!

I think most people would like the status of being a millionaire, for the peace of mind it could convey.  For most people becoming a millionaire says they  no longer need to worry about money, and for many particularly in the western world worrying about money is a very big deal.

The Giveaway Millionaire is designed to show you a means for you to achieve that status of millionaire.  It focuses on  a couple of Universal Laws (think Laws like the Law of Gravity, not legalities).

Like the Law of Gravity these laws must be understood so you can take advantage of them, as they operate always regardless of whether you know about them or not.

Galileo is credited with being the person who first became conscious  of the Law of Gravity and gave it a name.  But from the beginning of time the Law of Gravity had been operating; keeping the suns and the planets in alignment, preventing earthly things and people from floating off into thin air and so on.

So with the Giveaway Millionaire we are relying on two Universal Laws.  You may not have been aware of them but they have been operating and affecting you regardless.

They are:


  • #1 The Law of Giving and Receiving

We must first give what we seek.  This is to keep the flow of energy and abundance circulating in our lives. You may not remember but when people had pumps, from which to get water for their homes and their animals, the pump had to be “primed” it if had run dry.  So you had to have some water to put into the well before you could start pumping water out of it.

So think of this “giveaway” as your way to prime the Universal pump so you can receive the wealth you are looking for in your life.

  • #2 The Law of Reciprocity… 

People feel obliged when they receive a gift, particularly a valuable one, to  give something valuable back in return.  So when you giveaway something make sure it has high perceived value for the person receiving it.  By that I mean it need not be something that costs a  lot of money, it could be a simple tip that saves the receiver hours of time and frustration, that you can give easily and with no expense but to the person receiving it is is almost priceless.

This is actually the best thing you can give in a digital Universe as it can be given instantly and the receiver will immediately see the value      and be inclined to not only think well of you, the bonds of trust will begin to form, but they will be inclined to want to pay you for the next thing you offer almost as if they were returning your valuable gift in the only way they can.

Put these Universal Laws to Work

This is how you can most effectively begin a highly profitable relationship with a potential client or customer or patient.

Continue to give away great value throughout the relationship, understanding now that the profits will be returned to you 10 fold as the receiver raves about you to their friends and family.

The more perceived value you can give away, the more money people will happily give you when the time is right.  Few people expect a one way relationship.

Other Universal Laws Affecting You    

Laws of the Universe or Universal Laws apply to everyone and every thing

Laws of the Universe

The Law of Energy

Everything is Energy. Nothing exists that is not energy and as such it is always changing and moving.  Your thoughts and desires are energy and as a result of the vibration they give off things are either being attracted to you or repelled away from you.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Energy is forever moving, from form, through form and back into energy in another form. Change is all there is so th emore you picture something in your mind the more likely it is to manifest into form to match your picture.  But merely imaging a desired result or outcome is not enough you must also either act to create the result or picture taking the actions that cause the result.  There have been numerous studies done of people pursing sports outcomes, like getting better at shooting the ball through the hoop in basketball.   The people who physically practised shooting hoops got better at it and the people who only imagined themselves practising shooting hoops, but where the time spent was identical, the improvements were also virtually identical.  The control group who merely wanted to get better at shooting basketballs through hoops but took no other action improved little if at all.

The Law of Vibration and Attraction

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction.  As noted in energy, everything from a thought to an object is energy and thus is in a constant state of vibration. Everything is vibrating at all times – nothing is static. Everything consists of molecules which include atoms of energy.  Every atom vibrates at a different frequency allowing them to form different things based on the vibrational frequency which attracts or repels things.

Thoughts are also energy and therefore thoughts are real “things” which attract or repel things.  Your FEELING comes from conscious awareness of your thought vibration.

You attract that with which you are vibrationally aligned. Positive vibrations in the form of a positive feeling, attract positive experiences.  You are not a “victim” of an event you attracted it. This also works in reverse. Negative thoughts & vibrations attract negative experiences.

Change your thinking change your life.  When you are feeling bad in some way , become aware of your thoughts;  then intentionally  change them. Think of something pleasant, often being grateful for something can work wonders and your vibration will change, as will the world around you.

The Law of Relativity

Our experiences of  life exist as a result of our ability to distinguish one thing form another . Hot is different than cold and really hot is different than hot. Good only exists by differentiating it from something bad.  You are taught to make many of these differentiations by your parents, your society or your culture.  Nothing on its own is either good or bad, big or small… until you differentiate it or relate it to something else.

Everything just ‘IS’ until we differentiate it from something else.  Watch an infant as they beging to dirrentiate their hand from the rest of their body and your face form the faces of other people

Similarly nothing in life has any “predetermined”meaning.  Nothing is good or bad it just is, until we give it meaning and differentiate it from something else.  If you think about a situation much wose than your own and then give thanks for your situation. suddenly your situation  will look really good.

The Law of Polarity

Failure and Success are on the same continuum aim and keep going in the direction you choose

The Success Continuum

Everything exists as continuum, from one end to another. Hot to Cold, Black to White, Light to Darkness, Good to Bad and cannot exist otherwise:  As a result, positive or negative cannot exist alone, nor can Success and Failure. If you have had an experience that you adjudge as a failure remember you are still on the line to Success, just make sure of your direction and move resolutely towards the Success end of that continuum.

The Law of Cause and Effect

There is no effect without a cause and every cause creates an effect. Whatever vibration you send into the Universe causes an effect and that effect comes back as cause of the next effect on you   Similarly Action –Re-action are equal but opposite. Nothing just happens for no reason, everything happens according to the Universal Laws.

Therefore anything you may “cause” is actually the “effect” of something that you did previously. Everything is as a result of some action even if it is inaction or incorrect or unintentional action.

The Law of Gestation

This is the law that governs creation. For anything to manifest it must have time: both an incubation or gestation period (like a human baby takes nine months, and/or a seasonal time. In order to reap you must first sow, but to reasonably have an expectation of reaping you must consider time. You cannot plant seeds in November in North America and expect a crop in February that is contrary to the time and season.

Ideas are like spiritual seeds and will move into form or physical results at the right time. Your goals will manifest when all the necessary pieces are in place and the time is right.

All your wants and ideas have a gestation period and a time. Don’t give up too early!

Wait for the gestation period to pass and the perfect time to have it manifest into physical form.

The Truth About the Laws

Your Success happens according to these Universal laws. It has nothing to do with luck!

You can Learn to put these LAWS to work for you.

We will be giving you further understanding of these laws as they affect your day to day functioning as you take the necessary actions to become a Millionaire based on a a relationship of giving and receiving Value.

Never forget thinking is not enough; you must also take the necessary actions to have these laws work with you in giving you your heart’s desire.

Knowing how these laws work can give you the Success mindset you need to create st the successful outcomes you desire.

The Giveaway Starts the Profit Flow

The reason that this site is called The Giveaway Millionaire is because I love the leverage that working online gives you to becoming a millionaire. It used to take 10, 20, 30 years or a lifetime to become a Millionaire but as we have entered the Digital age and everyone is now doing business online, that time line has shortened.

Today people regularly become millionaires in 5 years and often much less time.

To become a millionaire you have to of course build an online business or an empire of some sort. Think Amazon, Facebook, Google, or Tim Ferris and the 4 Hour Work Week.  There are many more  online millionaires and many avenues to that status, but all rely on 1 principle FIRST GIVE GREAT VALUE!

As we follow that principle we start our online relationships with a Giveaway.  But there are some Secrets to a Great Giveaway.  

Just click on the image to get a FREE copy of our 5 Secrets to the Perfect Giveaway

Let me know in the comments what you think about these Laws and if you got the Giveaway what you thought.