4 Pillars of Online Business Success

What are the 4 Pillars of Online Business Success?

    1. Market  – you must have a hungry, passionate market

    2. Message – your message must offer a solution to a problem or a way to achieve a burning desire of the market

    3. Eyeballs – you must have a way to connect your message to the eyeballs/traffic of your market

    4. Funnel – finally you must have a pipeline of products and or services that you can offer to your market once you attract them and have their attention

Market – 

Out of a crowd of people identify your market precisely

The big advantage of the internet is that you can precisely target your audience.  You don’t have to just spray your message all over the internet hoping someone who is interested will see it. You can put your message in front of only the people who want to see it.

We see this on Facebook.  Facebook asks you to tell them what type of ads you are willing to see.  So now if someone is not interested in the subject matter of your ad or promotion Facebook will not show it to them.

But even with that ability you must not only find people with some interest in your message, you must find a hungry passionate market. Otherwise people will see your message and take no action.

You want people who are passionate about what you want to talk to them about, who are prepared to take action and even pay good money for the solution or support that you offer. Otherwise there is simply no way for you to make an income and have a good business.

Fortunately there is no lack of these sorts of markets. People love their kids and want and will buy many things for them, same for their pets. this is also true for their home, their own clothing, their food and myriad other things: cars, recreation, games, gadgets, hobbies…  and on and on and on.

Business people want to know how to market, how to sell more, how to attract more customers, and how to get those customers to spend more and more money with them.

So now you have a few ideas, but really the number of hungry, passionate markets is almost endless, just make sure you pick one of those.


sign reminding you to match your message to Your market

Now you have your hungry passionate market, and all you have to do is attract their attention, and convince them to start spending their money with you.

One of the words in the English language that is universally loved is the word FREE.  How can you not love something that is FREE. Now if you can offer something to your target audience that is not only FREE but quickly solves a really big problem or gives them a great step forward towards their goal than chances are good that people will take you up on your offer.

So you want a Giveaway that you can deliver quickly and easily and that also solves a big problem or gives them a big boost closer to their desired goal or outcome.

Now of course you also want to start a relationship with them because giving away something valuable for FREE is just not going to get the job done in terms of you building a business.  So depending on your giveaway you will need their email or if it is a real product than you are going to need a lot more information like their name, address and a phone number to ensure the delivery can be made where it is supposed to be made. Be sure to also get their email so you can communicate about the delivery of the product.

The better you design your giveaway to precisely meet the burning need or solve the biggest problem  that your audience has, the more people will be interested enough to actually take the action required to obtain this giveaway.

This then takes you back to your market, as you have to know exactly what is the one thing they most want that you can easily give to them for FREE in a convenient way.

Sometimes this can be a challenge and you may need to s do some research and forums on the subject that is of greatest interest to your target audience is a great place to look for some ideas.

Fortunately Google provides us with lots of help as you can search the  word forum with a colon and then the subject or keyword of interest to your target market.  So for example if your target market has an interest in baby shoes, you can simply type forum: baby shoes into the search bar and most likely find all sorts of forums on this subject.

It is a really big clue that you do not have a passionate market if you do not find several forums on the subject matter.

Eyeballs aka Traffic

Attract the eyeballs traffic to your message

Where did MacDonalds build its restaurants? Well if you remember when MacDonalds was getting started, and it was not a household name, they used to buy a big corner lot on two very busy roads, so they’d be right t a super busy intersection.  Why? Traffic.

They knew what they were offering really well. Quick, very inexpensive OK and reliable meals.  Wherever you went a Big Mac tasted like a Big Mac and a Chicken burger tasted like a Chicken Burger.  They knew their market; busy people, often with kids in tow, who needed quick reliable food at a very affordable price.

And they knew where to get found; at a busy intersection.

So now you know your market and you know your message, the problem you are going to solve for them, now you have to figure out one or several ways to get their eyeballs on your carefully crafted offer.  In other words you have to find traffic.

There are several ways to do this: some FREE, some PAID for.

FREE Traffic – now to me this is a complete misnomer, because instead of money this takes time.  I value time more than I value money as it is the one thing that I cannot get back.  Once it is gone it is gone.  I can practice anti-aging techniques ’til I’m blue in the face but the years keep marching past and they seem to go by quicker and quicker.  That being said there are some good FREE ways to get traffic that have several benefits of an SEO nature.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important as it really does help you get f0und, and on your site, it does help your visitors find your valuable content that they would be interested in.

So I do some of this, plus social media is something I like and it helps with SEO.

Why I think SEO is  important is that it brings visitors to your content who are actually searching for something, a solution to a problem or a way to achieve a goal. So if they come to a page in your blog or to some content on Facebook or in a video, that is a solution that they were seeking they really are likely to take action. Sometimes it just means reading or watching the content sometimes it includes engaging with it, commenting and sharing and sometimes it actually results in the purchase of something you offer or at least signing up for your list so they can get more of your valuable information.

Now this is a huge topic and needs much more to be said abouu it than I can do in one article but it is definitely worth learning more about.

PAID Traffic – now I prefer paid traffic as it is scalable. What does that mean?  Let’s consider that I run an ad for $100 and I add 20 people to my list and out of those 20 people 7 buy my $7 trip wire product and 2 also buy my $37 bigger product. Than I made 7X$7 = $49 and 2X $37 = $74 so my total was $123.  So for $100 I earned $123.

How long would you want to keep running that ad?   I’d run it forever!

After all my list is growing and so I have people I can sell more to and I am getting paid to build my list and sell people things.  Sound like a winner to me.

Now there are challenges with Advertising as you definitely have to advertise to the right audience, your target market, and your message has to match their interests because in most instances you are interrupting them and taking them away from pleasure.  But if you hit that pain or burning desire than they’ll leave their cat video to see what you’ve got.

Now with paid advertising you have all sorts of choices. But again. this is a huge subject so I’m not going to try to cover it here, but YouTube video ads and Facebook ads are my two favorites.

I do have a FREE Resource for you on 8 ways to Get traffic from Social media and if you sign up in the pop up that you are offered it will take you to another amazing FREE resource on Traffic which is 23 videos on Traffic provided by a traffic master, Shawn Casey.  In any case click here for the FREE Report on traffic from Social Media

Finally we have Your Funnel

Marketing Funnel from ads or content to sales

Now the word funnel is just a great visual for showing you how marketing works.  In fact the funnel is really your means of connecting with your target audience. It includes identifying your target market, determining how you can serve them, so not only do you have to have a brilliant initial giveaway that matches the interests and concerns of your target market perfectly but you have to have several ways to serve them.

Now some of the ways you serve them, will bring you money, and some will allow you to demonstrate your authority and knowledge so that they happily pay you more and more money.

As you saw in my example of above of the self funding ad, I was building a list and had a give away.  I also had a trip wire, which means I had something awesome to sell them for very little money.  A trip wire is something that is so desirable and so little money that they would almost feel stupid not taking you up on it. But for you it is a huge deal as you are separating buyers from the FREEBIE seekers, and there is lots of those on the internet.  This is not definitive and I certainly wouldn’t yet say I had totally separated my list as some people just might not have loved my Tripwire or they got distracted.  But for sure I did get some buyers and they need to be treated like gold.

Finally I had another product that cost a little more money.  Now that is not the end of my funnel of products I can sell to the people who join my list and you want to be sure you have a good deep funnel too.  It need not all be your own products or services.

You can become an affiliate for some products that you know and love and offer those products as well as some of your  own.  Just do a great review that let’s people know how great the product is from your point of view.  After all they are on your list now, so it is your point of view that matters.

Then you have to consider how you will attract your target market to you. Is it going to be ads, is it going to be content, is it going to be a combination of ads and content? My personal preference is a combination of ads and content and hopefully the support of the people you already serve.  This really goes back to traffic, which we chatted about above.

Perhaps you have a referral reward service or a special event that targets those people who refer you to their friends and family.  You may also have a loyalty club that rewards purchasers. All of this is part of your funnel.

Retargeting ads are one of my favorite ways for extending my funnel, as people who already know me or have seen something from me can be offered the same thing if they did not already buy or they can be offered something similar. This second similar thing can be offered to your buyers and non buyers alike. as it will appeal to different people or appeal in a different way.

But retargeting or remarketing as google calls it, is a fabulous way to really cut down on your ad spend as you are going after people who already saw an ad from you and know your name.  Familiarity builds confidence.  People like to do business with people they know like and trust so getting that first connection, even if it is an email is a big deal, it starts the connection.

But even having seen your ad, showing it again or a similar ad allows people to start to build that connection with you.  For most people it takes 7 – 20 touches, connections of some sort with you before they’ll consider buying from you.

Plus Facebook and likely Google, just getting to know their ad platform better, can identify look alike audiences for you. These are people with characteristics the “data” shows have the same interests as the audience you have already targeted and interacted with.

Anyway this is all part of getting traffic as well as part of your funnel.  In every instance you are getting connected more and more and more with your audience.  As the connection deepens they will be happy to buy more and more from you.

If you’d really like to get serious about building your funnel than I would recommend you consider Omar Martin’s Funnel Boss course.  It is a product I use and love and have chosen to become an affiliate for.  There are three elements you need to consider, the initial funnel training, not OTO 1 unless you want a bunch of preset funnels, but definitely the down sell and OTO 2  See my entire article on Funnel Boss  Omar is an absolute master of the deep funnel.

Put these 4 Pillars in place and perfect them.  Online Business Success will soon follow!

Let me know if these 4 Pillars of Online Business Success make sense to you in the comments below.








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Mandy Allen

Oh yes, they make perfect sense. I love the imagery and the process from A through to D. I think a big problem is we assume what our market is and are often supplying something there is no demand for, which is why we fail, which you have addressed in point one but how many times do we not listen to this message and create something for a market that is there rather than one that is not?

Enjoy the journey!

Sue Bride

Hi Mary, I like the suggestion of starting out with a reasonably cheap product and building from there. I’m going to give that a go. The offer of 23 free videos on Traffic is too hard to pass up so I’ll definitely sign up for those 🙂
Sue Bride recently posted…Instamate Review – Use Instagram On The Web from Your ComputerMy Profile

David Merrill

You’ve outlined the online business process perfectly here, Mary. The task at hand, of course, is to work through that process consistently and diligently. You’ve certainly pointed us in the right direction.

Marquita Herald

I know that each of this points is important, but as a reader and a writer the one that pops out for me is match your message to your audience. It never ceases to amaze me how many times I come across a blog where I have to search to try and find out anything about the blogger or what their mission is because I can’t figure it out from the post(s). I know this is a classic newbie issue, but there is so much qualified help available online these days there really is no need to go it alone. Happy to share your message. Thanks!
Marquita Herald recently posted…Can We Be Highly Sensitive and Emotionally Resilient?My Profile

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