To Achieve, First See and Believe

To Achieve Your Dreams, First See it and Believe It! 

It is a perfect time for visualizing your goal so the Universe gets a clear picture of what you want so that it can get moving that result to you. Roger Bannister, the man who first broke the “impossible to break” barrier of the 4 minute mile. At the time, 1954, it was believed that anyone who broke that barrier would have expended so much stress and effort that their heart would explode. Each day he spent time visualizing himself crossing the finishing line and looking up at the clock and seeing it say 3:59

What impossible goals would you like to surpass? Maybe they are personal and maybe they are industry and maybe it is familial. Maybe it is just for you! Get a really clear

picture of what that looks like. Spend some time visualizing that each day. See it, feel it, taste it hear it, smell it. Just let go of all doubt and go for it!

I KNOW you can!

Here’s a little help to Achieve Effectively

The Secret to Achieve Your Dreams

RELAX! I know I know what about Focus and Action and Commitment? Yes they are all important but not when you are trying to visualize. Visualization is critical but it works IF you engage  your subconscious, otherwise your mind is working against you.

I’m sure you have tried to dream a big dream and the first thing that pops into your mind is “Are you kidding? You’ll never achieve that don’t you remember…. fill in the blanks”. That is your subconscious mind trying to protect you and feeding back all the negative things that have happened.

You see the purpose of your subconscious mind, also known as your reptilian mind, is to keep you safe and alive.  Your dreams and goals hold no interest for it. becuase it was imprinted with all these scary memories long long ago, perhaps even before you were born and it is trying to protect you.

You have to IMPRINT new thoughts on your subconscious, and to do that you have to be very relaxed so your subconscious can let down its guard.  When you are in work mode  your subconscious is closed in full safeguard mode, looking for danger. But when you are totally relaxed your subconscious can relax too.  You are now in dream mode and it doesn’t worry about dreams, it is “reality” that it fears, as that is where the danger lies.

So in this relaxed state your mind can contemplate the possibility of a new reality.  No it is not going to happen instantaneously, the “protective mode”  is too strong.  But as you continue to deeply visualize your new goals, seeing hearing feeling, smelling, tasting slowly your subconscious begins to accept this as the new reality.  Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between something strongly imagined and something actually happening.  So gradually it sees these new ideas as something actually happening and now things can really kick into high gear.  Your mind is finally supporting your plans.

So Relax

Dreams unfold in a glass of wine while you are relaxing deep;y, the deeper th erelaxation the better

Fully Enjoy Your Dreams


Turn on the Action

While you visualize you relax but when you are ready to work go all out and Focus Focus Focus!  Because in addition to getting your mind on board you also need the Universe on board.  The Universe, also known as The Flow can be seen in your mind as a steady stream of incredibly powerful energy.

That steady stream of energy is looking for your energy stream to sync with.  but if you’re energy is torn and going in several different directions than it is hard for that Universal Energy to sync with it so you do not get that boost of support from the Universe.

If you want  all the help you can get so you can most effectively achieve that big dream you must get both your mind and the Universal Force on your side, so relax and dream big dreams and then go after them directly with all your heart and energy!

Let me know in the comments if some of this content resonated and how you think it might help you achieve your dreams.

To Great Success


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Mary Sloane

Mary has been blogging and helping people online for well over 4 years. Her passion is empowering others to be all they can be, so they can make the difference they were intended to make. Mary is also very concerned about our world which is awash in debt, which will ultimately overwhelm and destroy our way of being. If you'd like to join me in my quest to change this situation one gold saver at a time check out

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Deborah Watson-Novacek

Hi Mary – great article! I love the concept of visualization and put it into practice whenever I can. BUT – I have to make sure I always set aside time to put in the ACTION step! Visualization without action won’t get me very far!
Deborah Watson-Novacek recently posted…Terrific Mobile Apps For Idle Periods Of CreativityMy Profile

    Mary Sloane

    Thanks for visiting Deborah

    Yes it is that ACTION that moves the Universe.

    But without seeing it and believing it the action will take us nowhere

    What an interesting and balanced Universe we live in

    To great success


sazia kazia

Hi Mary mam, wonderful post…energy concentration and focus power is necessary to do anything in right way…Thanks for sharing

    Mary Sloane

    Thanks for visiting and I’m glad you enjoyed the article

    I really am at work on that famous 5 letter 4 letter word FOCUS… I think it is the secret for everyone.

    To Great Success



Hi Mary

What you see is what you believe and what you do believe becomes a reality. Yes having a big picture does help to achieve your dreams. Without a vision or big picture, there is nothing for Focus and determination to work on.

Thank you so much for this post. Have a wonderful week.

    Mary Sloane

    Thanks for reading and commenting Ikechi!

    So many people say, I’ll believe it when I see it, but you must see it in your mind first and believe it to be real to see it in the real world

    We are so blessed with the power of visualization

    To Great success


Sam Adeyinka #Coach

Hey Mary, it’s great to be on your blog and hey, you’ve got a great blog design- very easy to manuever and good for the eyes too. 🙂

Speaking about your topic, to actually achieve succes involves seeing and then believing that which you see. And that further confirms the expression,”Seeing is believing”.

What you see is what you will manifest.

But to see properly, you will need your thinking cap on. By thinking ap, I simply mean your mind.

You will need to use your mind to visualize the things that you want.

Sofor instance, Mary, if I want to travel back to the times of creation, all I have to do is visualize. Much the same way, I can travel down to watchington and shook hands with President Obam, even though I have never been to the airpot.

Now, if you continue to use your mind to visualize and at the same time taking action on those things which you see while imagining, you can trust you will achive great success.

That said. For you to achieve the things you see, you will need to learn to take massive action on your dreams. Little wonder Eintein said, “Nothing moves until something moves.

By the way, great movies are a sumtotal of great moves. 🙂

Thanks so much for scribbling and sharing this post, Mary.

Sam Adeyinka #Coach recently posted…Legitimate Online Business Model for Startups – Top 10My Profile

    Mary Sloane

    Thanks for the wise comments Sam

    Our mind is an incredibly powerful ally when we train it to be one and a very evil wizard when
    we let it get its fear tentacles into us.

    So we need to keep envisioning our future and assuring our subconscious mind that yes it will truly be a great journey and not scary or dangerous, that is why action is so critical

    To Massive Success


Matthew Sherriff

Turn on the action… I like that! That is one thing that separates other from the pack, taking consistent action!

Thanks for the great post!

    Mary Sloane

    Thanks for reading and commenting Matthew

    I think action is really important but as i note in the hurry trap you can’t always be just in action

    Knowing where you’re w going and why is even more important

    To great success


Sonal Talwar

Hi Mary

A wonderful post!

What we see is what we believe in and it in turn becomes a reality for us. Its true that without focus and determination we cannot achieve our dreams or for that matter anything. Being focused in life is very important.

Thanks for sharing!
Sonal Talwar recently posted…20 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Can Be The Best Life PartnerMy Profile

Mandy Allen

Hi Mary, My friend specialises in teaching people how to create dream boards. It is a very effective technique in creating that thought process and starting to change your mind onto a different path. And they are so much fun to create too!

Enjoy the journey!

    Mary Sloane

    HI Mandy Thanks for visiting!

    Yes Dream boards are certainly one way to get your vision clear in your mind

    I am sure there are some fabulous ways to use Dream Boards… have you done one Mandy

    I have mine up in front of me

    To Great Success


Amaka Adindu

Thank you Mary for this post great post. The concept is clear. If you can dream it you can achieve it. I believe it in every way and it comes with hard work dedication and visualization.
I remember the Movie Secret who does not? and so many others like Think and grow rich, You are Born to be rich. There are a lot of truth to all of this. Even in the scription same way. Abundance is our birth right and I follow those principles.
Thank you

Marquita Herald

I can feel the energy just reading this article! I am a huge believer in the power of focus so this message definitely resonates with me. I do believe action is important, but the right kind of action. Many people put a lot of energy into starting things and end up going nowhere because they never finish what they start. Thanks for sharing this powerful message!
Marquita Herald recently posted…When the Journey Becomes the DestinationMy Profile

    Mary Sloane

    Nice to see you hear on my blog Marquita

    How’s Oregon?

    I fall in that category of people who start strong and don’t finish so focus is something I am working on.

    The pull for me to move on to something new is huge so I am training myself to be disciplines

    To great success


Lydia Brown

Hey, Mary, I used to use visualization daily. Especially when I worked with adolescents in residential programs. I don’t think I have to explain the need there. It works and I find myself needing to do it again. As a caregiver, the days and weeks can be tough.

    Mary Sloane

    Thanks Lydia

    I would think that as part of treatment if your folks could begin to visualize life without their addiction and the feelings and swings it engenders it would be powerful. Until you can see it and believe it is is hard to achieve it.

    To Great Success


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