Is Your Sales Funnel Spewing Cash?

If Your Sales Funnel is Not Spewing at least $100/day Cash,

then this is for you!

A sales funnel is designed to attract cold, but targeted traffic, your potential tribe, past your “bait” i.e. your Giveaway. Some will bite but most won’t, So your funnel must have pixels (small pieces of tracking code) that allow you to bring those who didn’t bite the frst time past again and again.  Research shows that usually it takes at least 7 passes before people begin to feel comfortable and want to bite, i.e. to see what your giveaway is all about.

In this process you might want to have  couple of different pieces of bait (giveaways) or different approaches to your bait as not everyone is motivated in the same way.

Then once they take your giveaway, your funnel should be designed to offer them a bigger prize that they pay for and a lot more information to make them feel comfortable with you.  This is the getting to know you phase of the funnel.

This additional information should be given both to people who bought the bigger prize and those who didn’t. But the ones who bought  will have a chance to get to know you even better through the content they have purchased and should have access to more high value content.

The ones who didn’t purchase the bigger prize need to be given content that makes the purchase of that prize more appealing, and they should be given more opportunities to purchase.

A Sales Funnel is the “Dating Process” for Customers?

Just as in a dating relationship there is a stage of getting to know the other person.  That could include coffee or a bike ride or something pleasant that you know the other person will enjoy while they get to know you better. In the customer dating process you try to offer the prospective customer  something of high value, that you suspect they’ll like. Initially they may be very skeptical but familiarity makes the skepticism level go down and so they finally take that initial offer in exchange for an email or a name and email.  The less you ask for the more likely you are to get it and to get it sooner.

Then you can offer something of greater value but requires more commitment from them.  Now they have to pull out a credit card and fill in the information.  Paypal and other trusted payment processors keeps the information shared to a minimum helping the prospect feel OK using their credit card.

Gradually as the “dating” and information sharing goes on the customer begins to get to know you, like you and trust you.  This is what makes videos so valuable, especially videos where you show your face.  I know everyone hates to show their face on video but this allows people to get to feel like they know you so much more  quickly.  Think how quickly you can connect with someone face to face, video is the only way people have to do that online.

So using videos is a very smart move on the part of marketers.

Building the Know Like and Trust Factor through 20 stages of your funnel

Building the Know Like and Trust Factor

How Deep is Your Sales Funnel, How Loyal are Your Buyers?

The transformation of a cold but targeted lead into a prospect and finally a buying customer is a slow and costly process.  Make sure your sales funnel is deep, by that I mean have many products to offer them once you finally make that connection and a bond of trust is established.  Also ogive them lots of reasons to want to buy from YOU!

I see people waste their leads everyday by offering them one or two chances to buy from them and then having nothing else to offer to them.

Think about how few merchants, other than some of the big ones, offer a loyalty program and yet those little cards that people get stamped each time they get a coffee before they finally get something FREE are hugely valuable in turning a first time customer into a repeat customer.  Customer Loyalty is hugely valuable. Think about ways you could could bring it into your business.

Memberships are a terrific way to deepen sales funnels.  By becoming Inner Circle members People get the  best offers first or they get them at a deeper discount or with a special event.

In the affiliate world we’re all hoping that we can attract a customer with an initial offer and that we will be able to successfully turn them into someone who buys regularly through our link.  And we offer bonuses to try and entice people to buy through our link but what if we simply had some sort of a loyalty program, where we tracked the products they bought and the 10th one we gave to them FREE or gave them a $10 or $25 paypal injection. Maybe even a private webinar for loyal customers where you talked about some of the insider secrets of the affiliate world.  Something not available to everyone.

The Information Based Sales Funnel? 

Everyone, even retail product merchants should have an information based sales funnel that ideally turns into a loyalty membership program.  Think of Amazon.  Even though they sell a huge number of physical products their online membership is enormous and they use it to build  loyalty.  Become a Prime member for $99 a year and you get access to Movies and Music and Free shipping and numerous other perks.  Even if you aren’t buying from Amazon you probably do a lot of your research on  a product there as the Sales information and the product reviews are invaluable.

I know when I think of a supplement I want I’ll look to see if Amazon has it.  Same with almost all products.

Now I don’t get most of my information products there although I do pick up a lot of Kindle books especially when they first come out and are FREE .

But just think what you do could do in your market with a membership where a lot of the sales information and information about  the class of products you sell was readily available and FREE to your members. Plus the membership gave them other perks.  How could you make that work for you.

This is something you should be building into your funnel.  I know I am.

Omar Martin has had tremendous success with several funnels over 8 years online and is constantly honing his skills.  His Funnel Boss  goes through several different funnels in great detail.

Do this program and you will once and for all master a funnel. Get it here

I know  Funnels are the key to success in any business, so I want to master it and take as many people as possible with me.   I got Funnel Boss and it is amazing  You can Get Funnel Boss Here.  Buy the main product ignore the OTO1 unless you want a lot of done for you funnels, bet the downsell and then OTO2

I’d love to hear in the comments how your sales funnel is working? Could you deepen it?  Could you build in loyalty.


To your success








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Amaka Adindu

Thank you Mary. Great information about sales funnel. We need and effective sales funnel to generate leads and make sales. I have a way to make that happen for me and my clients.
Have a great week


    Thanks Amaka

    Glad you enjoyed the article on sales funnels and glad you have something working for you

    You must share your “secret”

    To great success


Paul Bola

You’ll want to use these emotional triggers…

-In any ads you’re running (FB, AdWords, YouTube, etc.)…
-Sprinkled throughout your opt-in pages, sales pages, and every page of your website…
-In each email you’re sending to your prospects…
-When conducting webinars, podcasts or writing guest articles…
-When speaking with customers/clients personally (if selling high-ticket items)…

In other words, you should be tapping into your prospects emotions at each individual stage of your sales process! The more empathy you can demonstrate throughout each stage of marketing, the higher your sales will go.
It’s really as simple as that.

    Mary Sloane

    Thanks for visiting Paul

    While you may find it simple to add those emotional triggers I think that is a learned process

    Certainly one worth learning and thinking about

    Thanks for that wonderful inspiration!

    I took a look at your Patient care App that looks brilliant… Congratulations!

    To great Success


Joy Healey

Hi Mary,

Once I realised the importance of a sale funnel several things became clear to me about why much of my earlier affiliate marketing hadn’t been a long-term success.

And it was all due to not having a good sales funnel where the early trigger sales remained coded to me so I would benefit on the back-end.

Affiliate marketing has made a lot more sense since then.

It’s good that you’re raising awareness, because it took me a long time to understand the importance of sales funnels.

Joy – Blogging After Dark

    Mary Sloane

    Yes Joy Affiliate Marketing is often a great way to break into a full and complete sales funnel

    Building one that converts brilliantly on your own is definitely not easy.

    To great success


Marquita Herald

I love your headline about a sales funnel being a dating process! I know more than a few people still intimidate by the sales funnel concept, but your image above does an excellent job of explaining how it works. I especially like your point about the information based funnel and while I hadn’t thought of it that way before it’s clear after reading your explanation that’s what my gift to my new subscribers is because it is designed specifically to create a foundation of awareness that not only encourages new members to explore the site but also leads to my books and courses.
Marquita Herald recently posted…How to Build Your Capacity to Manage AdversityMy Profile

    Mary Sloane

    Thanks Marquita

    So glad some of my explanations made sense I think funnels are so important and we can do so much with them

    Too many people see them only as a sales process but they are equally well an information process, where in your educate people and show them your authority.

    May this make a difference


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