Set Up Your Blog for Profits

How to Set up Your Blog for Profits!

As a niche marketer, you know that one of your best tools is having a WordPress blog set up on your own domain. Even if you’re primarily working as an affiliate marketer, you need a place to share information and capture the contact details of your audience.

Choose Your Domain

When you start off in a niche, you want to make sure you choose a domain that reflects your slant on the niche. For example, you could choose a broad domain like – or a specific slant such as

Try not to choose a domain that has any other extension but dot com. And don’t use hyphens in your domain. Keep it as short as possible, but make sure it reflects the niche – or your brand.

Get Your Blog Hosted Properly

After you register your domain, you’ll need to get hosting for it. If you’re starting out with one niche blog, then invest in a starter account. It’s always easy to level up whenever you need more space.

Choose a host with an easy cpanel and then log in and scroll down to where it says Software and Services. Click on the QuickInstall icon and follow the steps to load a blog onto your domain.

Set up your blog to ensure it is profitable

Profits! Profits! Profits!

Use Plugins Judiciously

Plugins can help your visitors have a better experience on your niche site. But they can also help you, as a blogger. For example, the WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin helps you keep your content schedule neatly organized and ready for automated publishing.

For your visitors, you can install plugins that help socialize your site. When they read a blog post they really like, they can share it on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and more! I use AddtoAny and it is FREE to add to your site.  I hope you’ll like my content and you’ll share it

Your Theme Displays Your Content

Pick a theme for your blog that gives it a nice, clean layout; less is definitely more when it comes to your blog theme. It is the ease of navigation that is key here. Remember, you’ll hopefully have people coming back as repeat readers, and they should always see fresh well organized relevant content each  time they arrive.

Initially you can start with a FREE theme but overtime you will want to get a premium theme. I use thrive themes as they offer me so many options.  They make it easy for me to set up my pages and add  capture pages or capture boxes at no extra cost.

Set up the Main Pages

During your blog set up you’ll  want to set up the main site pages.  These should include an About Me  or About This Site Page as people like to know whose site they are reading and what you’re trying to accomplish with the site, you will want a home page which is ideally a capture page of some sort and they can include a contact form page,  a page for resources or recommendations, and the Legal Pages such as a disclaimer page, TOS or Terms of Service  and Privacy policy and so on. I often add Pages that are my Big Topics and there I’ll include links to categories of the site or most recent posts about that page topic.  You’ll see that on this site.

Post Content Regularly 

Blogging or sharing content about your niche should be done as often as possible. Daily is best, but if you write really long very comprehensive posts than once a week is fine. You can always outsource some of the writing, I have used n the past with good results. but make sure you put your personal voice in it.

I like to curate content which is what they do on the Huffington Post and many other major blogs, like almost all the news blogs use their own writers and lots of other people’s content as well.  To curate content you simply copy the content from someone else’s work, not all of it but some of it then identify the source.  You want to personally comment both before and after the curated content as you want to add your personal voice to it!

Need a Hand?

If you’d like to see an entire Roadmap for setting up your blog them be sure to check this out.  The guys behind the Blog Roadmap are complete pros and they are so good that I had to buy the Rod map for myself as well.  Got to keep up on what the leaders in the online marketing industry are saying . But I did set up my own Bonuses for it.  they are things I thought would be valuable for people  who need their “giveaways” to get started. You’ll  find my Bonus Page here 


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Great post and you create easy steps to get your blog rolling. This is indeed a valuable resource and should get any newbie started. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

Lydia Brown

Great information Mary, I am trying hard to keep my plugins to a minimum so I am testing out a few things. Sometimes you have to sacrifice when you go free. Thanks for the tips

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