Thank You for Your Interest in Giveaways

As you know I take giveaways very seriously. I want them to offer tremendous value to those who receive them.

If you did not already get my 5 Secrets to the Perfect Giveaway Please click this link and download it here.


If you did receive the 5 Secrets, you know I promised you a Bonus report, where I would give you some ideas for the Perfect Giveaway!

Well here is that Bonus Report

I also wanted to give you some brief ideas for how you can research your Avatar and determine what it is that troubles them so you can then provide a solution to their troubles and commence your profitable relationship with them.

3 sites that I like to use are, and finally

On each of these sites you can research by keyword although on Quora you will need to use your keyword in a question as it is a question and answer site. Once you get in though you will find they all start to suggest other questions for  you.

Google too has gotten in the game and has now started suggesting questions on some search pages so if you know your niche, your field,  your interest and know some keywords for it type the into a search bar and see what questions google can offer you.

You can also hang out in forums that relate to your niche/field, interest.  Simply go  to where you will see a search bar. in the search bar type

forum: my field of interest

Now “my field of interest” stands for your field of interest, eg: “hunting dogs”, or “knitting” or “Pokemon Go”.  See what people in those forums are talking about, Get to know your niche so you can serve it well.  Find out what are the burning questions that people are always going back to .

The ideas I’ve give you about Giveaways presumes you know your niche and your Avatar.

But don’t worry I know how challenging actually identifying you niche and identifying your avatar can be so we’ll be talking about these challenges going forward.

The Forum idea above is a great place to start to do some research.  Just choose something that you have an interest in knowing something more about or in sharing some ideas that you already have.

Then you can figure out what you can offer them that wil help them and I can han help you do the rearch to provide that answer to then effectively.

To your success!

Mary Sloane