Are You Caught in the “Hurry” Trap?

What is the The Hurry Trap?

Everywhere I go I see people caught in the hurry trap.  Maybe you’re one of them.  Have you ever said to someone, “I can’t stop I’m in too much of a hurry.”  Have you ever felt that way?  How often were you really about to miss a plane or a train or a once in a lifetime event when you thought that way or said that?

I think the online world is even worse that the offline world, if that is possible, especially the world of Internet Marketing. LOL

Marketers know that people come online for one of two reasons, to find some information or for distraction from the stress of their every day lives, and in the background plays this siren song I don’t have enough time, often accompanied by the “I don’t have enough money” .  Knowing that they offer you the perfect solution:  “Make Money While You Sleep”, “Automate Your Whole Business”, “6 Steps to 6 Figures!”

Once you hit the trap you’re doomed.  You grab your first exciting Internet Marketing Riches product. You open it up and lo and behold there are 18 videos to get through and 3 webinars to attend and you need to get your blog set up and your Facebook page… Ahh wrong product!

Blog to Riches, Youtube is the Secret Path to Overnight Money, Instant Success on Instagram…

Try again, and again and again.

Sound familiar?

Everyone wants a result but no one is willing to take the time to make a plan and slowly achieve that result.  Why?

Old programming from our childhood that says you’re not good enough, you can’t do it. Maybe you were 2 when you tried to follow your 6 year old brother backwards up the slide and Dad grabbed you and said, “Hey you, You can’t do that!  And your subconscious heard “You can’t do that, you’re not good enough”

And then it was repeated when you tried to jump  into the swimming pool or maybe it was onto the trampoline .  You get the idea.

Sadly our subconscious still thinks we’re there and when you start into a big project that you haven’t done before you hear “You can’t do that” deep inside your head and besides you haven’t any time so you don’t bother to learn how to do it you just start doing something, you’re in too much of a hurry to learn the ins and outs  and it doesn’t produce the desired result.

The Pain of the “Hurry” Trap

Hurrying after Money gets you caught up in the Hurry trap

Hurrying After Money

I started working with an online friend, someone I had known for awhile and had coached a bit for someone else.  Suddenly I am hearing the story of her banned Facebook ad accounts, yes Plural, and then it was her banned autoresponder account and she was desperate to recoup the monies she had paid for some expensive online programs.  She had bought them because they were the promise to riches “fast”>

I knew then she was caught in the Hurry Trap.   The only antidote was to hit her hard with a big dose of reality and to offer the hope of a solution, BUT ONLY if she agreed that she would make a plan and follow it.

PLUS  she had to go to work on her mindset!

Now she’s lucky she had a mentor and the story is not finished yet.  Yes she has a very tight plan to follow that gives her the desired outcome in a relatively short period of time, 12 weeks.  But will she be able to control her fears and her programming long enough for the new programming to take hold.

For 4 weeks she has to follow a plan and she has to do her personal development work and she has to report her activity and her results.  If she can get some control of the “fear and hurry” monster that has trapped her, she may well succeed

It Happened to Me TOO! OUCH!

I had to come face to face with my own reality and realize I was always changing plans.  Why? Because the last plan always turned out to be harder than I thought it would be and it took longer than I had anticipated and I needed to make money yesterday.  Sound familiar?  At least this is what I told myself!

Fortunately someone came along, in a webinar and asked me about my last year and my last 6 months and my last 3 months and had I made the progress I wanted to make?

Fortunately I was honest enough with myself that I went “No!”  Well actually it was “H _ _ _ No!”

Suddenly I realized my own dilemma.

Caught on the Horns of My Dilemma

I didn’t believe in me! Not to bore anyone with all the grimy details but I realized that as a result of my being caught in the “hurry trap” I had failed and I had failed over and over and over.  Of course no other result was possible until I saw it.

But the webinar offered a comprehensive mindset training program and I was just cogent enough to realize that I had to take that training; my life depended on it.  The Universe had just gifted me with the money I needed to cover the training cost and I signed up.

Now 28 days in and I have done all the exercises and been extremely diligent, my life looks completely different.

It is truly wonderful what a dose of reality can do for you, and I am so grateful that the Universe was so tuned into my dilemma that it delivered me the answer. Maybe because finally I was desperate enough and low enough to listen, you think?

My Solution and How You Can Use it Too

Now if this story strikes a chord with you and you think you can see yourself caught in the Hurry Trap or the Not Enough Money trap, they are basically the same trap, I invite you to reach out to me.  There is no charge and no money will exchange hands.

But in admitting it to yourself and reaching out the answer will come to you.  I may be able to guide you, and I may even be able to support

Avoid the "Hurry" Trap! The hands of time keep turning but don't panic make a plan and use your time well

Time Passes

you, but I will help you find a way out!

It is in recognizing and admitting that you have a problem that you are finally open to the guidance of the Universe. Some may pray, some may meditate, I suggest that you at least be grateful for the moment that brought you here if it did touch you.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.


Even if you don’t want to reach out let me know in the comments what you thought.


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Mary Sloane

Mary has been blogging and helping people online for well over 4 years. Her passion is empowering others to be all they can be, so they can make the difference they were intended to make. Mary is also very concerned about our world which is awash in debt, which will ultimately overwhelm and destroy our way of being. If you'd like to join me in my quest to change this situation one gold saver at a time check out

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Hi Mary

Yeah I have been in this trap too and I had to remind myself that building solid foundations in life is more beneficial in the long run than the hurry trap. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.
ikechi recently posted…Blog-Alone: What it Taught me About Developing AlliancesMy Profile


    Thanks Ikechi

    I think many of us have been caught in the “hurry” trap.

    It is the Internet Disease

    But without a well thought out plan we are rushing madly nowhere

    To great success


Mandy Allen

Hi Mary, my problem is the plans that tell you how very simple they are ‘just click a button’ but there’s a whole load of other stuff you need to know before you can just click that button. They are prevalent out there and I despair every time I read another sales page stating that very same thing! And there is no ‘hurry’ in this business!

Enjoy the journey!
Mandy Allen recently posted…Want More Blog Visitors? Run Your Own Challenge!My Profile


    Thanks for the comment Mandy

    I think there is some hurry as some things need to be in place to start any journey.

    But the Instant fix guys are for the birds I agree.

    My pet peeve is the people who tell you the how but they start about 10 steps in to the puzzle. For example why build a capture page until you know your niche and your audience, the problem you need to solve and the give away your going to give, plus the thank you page you need to create

    The whole funnel is important not just one pices. That is what I appreciate about Omar Martins Funnel Boss is that it was so complete!

    I loved your article on blogging challenges

    To great success


Sonal Talwar

Hi Mary

Yes I have been in this trap too. But life teaches us many lessons.

Thanks fro sharing the wonderful insight
Sonal Talwar recently posted…Top 15 Metabolism Boosting Foods for VegetariansMy Profile

    Mary Sloane

    So true Life does teach us many lessons.

    Thanks for dropping by

    The “hurry” trap can be a tough one to get out of and it is getting worse with all our devices no one has time anymore for anything!

    To Great Success


    To Great Success

Deborah Watson-Novacek

Oh yes, I’ve been caught many times in the ‘Hurry Trap,’ and have only recently been learning to slow down and practice daily mindfulness. Thanks for the post!

Lydia Brown

Mary I have been in this trap several times. Actually moving from NY to VA helped me a little. That NY rush lifestyle didn’t fit here I was the only one moving fast it got to be frustrating. As I started slowing down I found I became relaxed then that transitioned into most of what I do. So many business errors from rushing. Now I wait knowing that whatever is intend for me to do taking my time won’t hurt the end result but most surely can help. Thanks for the post.
Lydia Brown recently posted…Chasing The Dragon the Life of an AddictMy Profile

    Mary Sloane

    I think many of us get caught up in this “hurry” trap but it just doesn’t really serve us

    Knowing where we’re going and why and realizing that there is a journey involved is equally important.

    Thank you for all you do


Joy Healey

Oh dear Mary,

The title just caught my eye. because it’s me down to a “t”. Have to confess the post ticks a few boxes too!

Both online and offline I do seem to be running from one thing to the next – seeing weekends as a time to catch up on work rather than a time to recharge my batteries.

Happily I’ve never got to the sorry state of having my autoresponder or Facebook accounts banned, and i hope your friend will follow your lead and get back on track. Look forward to hearing better news of her 🙂

Joy – Blogging After Dark

    Mary Sloane

    Me too Joy

    That was why I had to write this blog post the second that I saw myself caught in the same trap.

    I knew there were thousands of others, particularly online, caught in that same trap.

    Having caught myself there and having exposed n my friend it has given us both a great deal of power that we didn’t have

    No longer victims to aht “hurry” trap. It ended shiny object syndrome for me.

    To Great success


Lydia Brown

It is said what happened to your friend but many are trained to use all those illegal, unethical tools for speedy results. This business can be a cold one thank goodness for those of us who really care and are willing to take the time to guide others. Love your blog Mary.

    Mary Sloane

    Thanks so much Lydia

    I think we can all get caught in that hurry trap and it is important just to realize we can do so much in so much time, but we need to give it some time.

    Thanks for your kind comments

    I am so grateful for all that you do in working with addicts and their families.. That is no place for being in a hurry


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