Feel Like Your Dollar/Your Currency is Not Going as Far as it Once Did?

September 18, 2016

Your Dollar is Not Going as Far as it Once Did!

If you feel like your dollar is not going as far as it once did you’re right.

Now I’m using the USD and American information because they are the worlds largest economy and have the world’s Reserve currency.  As a result for a long time now it has been true “as goes the US economy so goes the World economy”.  But even that is coming to an end but that is another story for another day.

The reason your dollar is not going as far is  the result of rampant INFLATION… even though you’re told it is way under 2% 

If you’re not familiar with this wonderful website, Shadowstats.com and like this sort of “true” information I’d suggest a visit now and again it can be very revalationary.

I want and found these two charts on today’s inflation based on the way the official index was calculated in the 1980’s and again how it was calculated in the 1990’s


In 1990 the basis of inflation was set by the government and if that same base was in use today then our inflation rate would be far greater than our "official rate

1990 CPI base

The blue line shows what our inflation rate would be if the CPI or inflation index was calculated the same was as it was in the ’90’s

But of course that is not the only “adjustment” the government has ever made to how they calculated CPI.  It is a regular event.

Here is how current inflation would look if we used the 1980’s method of calculation.



In 1980 the basis of inflation was set by the government and if that same base was in use today then our inflation rate would be far greater than our "official rate

1980 CPI base

Here you can see that if the CPI was calculated as it had been in the 1980’s than inflation would be nearly 10%, not the “official 1.7%

It has always boggled my mind how anyone can  leave the cost of food out of an inflation index as  it is an element that all of us pay money for.  But governments know that by and large the public does not know what the inflation rate really means.  At best they know it should be low so we don’t have “hyper-inflation” like th ecountries who are destoryed by inflation experience.

I hope that it is clear that the government decides where it wants inflation and simply adjusts the “base” it uses to adjust it to suit.  It has nothing to do with the real rate of inflation that we experience every time we go shopping.

So if real inflation is running around 8-9%, meaning that the cost you pay at the store for the things you buy is rising 8.5% (approximately) and your wages aren’t rising by that much annually than you’re going to see and feel that prices are going up fast and your income isn’t.

Why the official CPI is Important

The government plays these games with the official inflation rate for a few big reasons:

  1. It has to payout old age pensions and income supplements and disability payments to a lot of folks. So if it ties the rise in those payments to the “official CPI” than the government can say it is doing  a good job and at least keeping the incomes of  that segment of the population in line with inflation.  Never mind that they find it harder and harder to make ends meet.  Being on a fixed income wit hno bargaining power really sucks!
  2. It has to bargain with the public sector unions who certainly want to be able to ensure their members that they are keeping up and even beating inflation. So the government sets the inflation bar knowing that they can settle the public sector contracts somewhere around the official CPI and thus they can tell the public they did a good job of looking after their money and keeping public sector wages somewhat inline with inflation and the union bosses can tell their members they kept their wages ahead of inflation.
  3. It is acknowledged that rampant inflation is an economy killer.  Just look at Zimbabwe and Venezuela.  Venezuela is still in the struggle with the government denying inflation is rampant while the store shelves are empty as merchants can’t afford to buy imported goods and in the socialist system it is really up to the government to buy the goods for the merchants who are nothing more than distributors, but no one wants Venezuelan currency so they either have to pay in USD or in oil and gas which they once had plenty of before trained oil workers were replaced with government employees/friends.  Zimbabwe now is on an  unofficial gold currency as $100 Trillion Zimbabwe dollars won’t buy you a loaf of bread.  Thus the government has to convince people that it has inflation under control.

Is Inflation really under control

Here is an image of the 1913 Federal Reserve Note as the dollar was initially dubbed, as it was backed by gold and redeemable in gold that the Federal Reserve was holding.

1913 Dollar inflation adjusted is whown in a picture of the dollar which has all but disappeared as inflation has eaten w away at its value

1913 Dollar “eaten” by inflation

Poor Dollar: There is Not Much Left of the 1913 Reserve Note

Yet we are told that inflation is under control and there is no problem.

The problem that looms is that the US has huge debts $20 Trillion at the moment and growing daily by 3 Billion dollars. In order to pay its debts the government wants rampant inflation as it seriously devalues the dollar as you can see.  So you can expect your income and savings to get more and more and more out of line with reality as the price of goods will soar with inflation.

But there is one thing you can do if you want to protect yourself from the continuous erosion of value of your dollar particularly as you approach retirement. 

Buy Gold

Let’s see what happened to those who bought gold back in the 1930’s as compared to the value of an equal amount of dollars.

The difference in today's value of $100,000 dollars vs $100,000 in gold

$100,000 dollars vs $100,000 of Gold

Buy Gold or better Just Exchange Your Dollar Savings for Gold

While this is great advice, and if you have a lot of savings I would strongly suggest you turn a good portion of it into gold. If you need help knowing how to do this just leave me a message in the comments and I will contact you.

For those  interested in started a gold savings account, I would love to show you how to open one for FREE.  Most places would charge you a lot to open a gold savings account due to the security measures they would have to have in place to keep it safe for you, but Karatbars International keeps their own gold safe in their vaults and will happily do the  same for you.  They want to really ensure the world has a chance to save in gold, as they see this period of rampant inflation coming, and coming fast.

The first “hit” may occur in 2016 but more likely in 2017  and it will make the 2008 financial crisis look like a blip but things will get worse… At least that is what the soothsayers, that I follow, are telling me.

Once you have a FREE gold savings account you can begin a savings program where you begin to exchange some of your paper currency for gold at a market rate.

This video does a better job of explaining the KaratBars gold savings account than I can plus it tells you how you can even get more gold for FREE by sharing this vital information.

Please let me know in the comments if this resonates with you or if this makes sense to you. This is a real passion of mine as people are being duped by their governments and it will end badly for most. I know I don’t want to be one of the victims and I don’t want you to be one either.





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Mary Sloane

Mary has been blogging and helping people online for well over 4 years. Her passion is empowering others to be all they can be, so they can make the difference they were intended to make. Mary is also very concerned about our world which is awash in debt, which will ultimately overwhelm and destroy our way of being. If you'd like to join me in my quest to change this situation one gold saver at a time check out http://gettingpaidingold.com

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Joy Healey

Hi Mary,

This is very much what my son has been telling me for years now. He’s looked into “things” far more deeply than I have and he agrees with you that gold is the way forward.

The thought of retiring is worrying – in fact I can’t see how I’ll ever have the confidence to do it. I will keep my online business ticking over as long as I can so that I can keep a part-time income to top up the pension that was largely taken away from me in some other crash 🙁 It’s not good.

Anyone with spare savings would do well to look at investing in gold.

Joy – Blogging After Dark

    Mary Sloane

    thanks Joy

    Glad your son is looking it into this as it is very troubling and I think that we will see a big upset in the next 12 months, could be any day.

    You might want to learn a little bit more about the gold company I work with as it has a program to encourage people to save regularly by being able to buy small amounts of gold.

    It is amazing how quickly that starts to mount up and there is a business too where you can get paid in gold. Could really be good for your offline businesses.

    You can reach me on Facebook messenger.

    To Great Success


Sue Bride

It seems that when the US dollar isn’t doing so well our Australian Dollar does even worse. It doesn’t seem long ago that the exchange rate was dollar for dollar, The AU dollar is now only worth US 75 cents. I was all ready to buy some gold as birthday presents for my children but the next day the UK EU referendum put the price right up. I must check again.
Sue Bride recently posted…Free ebook – The Whys & Hows of Business Success with InstagramMy Profile

    Mary Sloane

    Hi Sue

    It is so true that as the USD and economy struggles we, the smaller players, do even worse. The Australian Dollar and Canadian dollar are pretty much par our dollar is about 76 Cents to the USD

    What is great about the Karatbars program that I use for gold buying is that it encourages weekly purchases so the changes in the price don’t seem so significant although I do think it is about to begin to rise steadily but there is still time. We purchase in gram sizes so there is not the need for big purchases and if necessary or desired it can be stored for us, and there is no charge for storage.

    It makes sense to buy and hold for awhile and then take delivery if you want of a significant amount or let them hang on to it

    We should talk more about KaratBars

    To Great Success


Alicia Osmera


It’s a shame that money doesn’t go as far as it used to.

Makes one think.

    Mary Sloane

    Thanks Alicia

    It is no secret why money doesn’t go as far as it once did, INFLATION!

    Governments love it… an invisible tax they never have to get votes on, it allows them to pay back their debts with cheaper money and it kiils savers and those on fixed incomes making them ask the government for help, so they can charge more taxes.

    Really wish I could comment on your blog would love to support your network marketing cause

    To Great Success


Deborah A. Ten Brink

Mary, I think planning and diversity are both important. We certainly do not want “all of our eggs in one basket,” so to speak. From my limited experience, gold has always been stable and attractive the world over.

I like the image of the missing pixels dollar bill. If that doesn’t hit home, nothing does!

Retirement, savings, and your portfolio should be a concern for each person over the age of 20 in my opinion. The world is forever changing, and usually not in favor of our wallet.

Thank you for sharing your findings and solutions, Mary. I will be watching and wishing you continued success!


    Mary Sloane

    Thanks Deborah

    We really do need to be aware that we need to look out for ourselves.

    Counting on a government or someone else is just not how the game is supposed to be played

    Everyone needs to take care of themselves and then there is time and energy and resources for those who truly have handicaps.

    I really like that image of the disappearing dollar too. Too many people don’t understand that is what is happening to our dollar’s purchasing power

    To Great Success


David Merrill

I don’t think there’s much dispute about the wisdom of investing in gold, Mary.

This is a world-wide phenomenon.

Private capital is being confiscated legally through the convoluted mechanisms of a growing number of governments, world wide.

The confiscation of private wealth for the purported, yet seldom fulfilled promise of redistributing more equitably has been going on throughout history.

Gold is certainly a hedge again this broad assault, but it’s only a bandaid, not a cure.

People must be more aware and more involved in their respective governmental processes in order to make lasting improvement.

Meanwhile, investing in gold in some way is a wise thing.

    Mary Sloane

    You and I are clearly on the same wave length

    Unfortunately it is so easy for people to want a result but want someone else to produce it for them

    Where did all this entitlement come from?

    If you want something go get it. produce it, grow it, create it Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.

    Governments are only too eager to promise to do it for you at tremendous cost and little effect, but suddenly the debt pile is growing and growing and growing!

    Gold and personal power are key to breakting through this calamity we have brought on ourselves

    To great success


Mandy Allen

Hi Mary, thanks for sharing this. I have always known that any figures released by any government are skewed to look best for them. They issue figures for unemployment and then change the categories of people it represents to lower the figure too. Always on the cheat. I love the idea of investing in Gold though, always a great idea to invest in precious metals.

Enjoy the journey!

    Mary Sloane

    Hi Mandy Glad to find another stats skeptic
    My favorite quote us always “Figures don’t lie but liars cna figure!”

    Our only hope out of this financial mess is gold… it is in the American constitution that currency is only to be gold or silver

    But heck it’s only the country’s constitution

    I’m grateful for gold money in my life and would like to show others how they can start saving in gold one gram at a time!

    To great success



Hi Mary

I am a bit surprised with this report about inflation in the US and I have got experts advising that we go for the dollar. Looking at the charts, I am beginning to rethink this strategy.

I see that Gold is the best option. Thank you so much for sharing this post. Take Care

Lydia Brown

Hi Mary I figured that out about money a long time ago. However, never stayed in with the gold for any length of time and I used to buy and sell it when it was low. You have peeked my interest again thanks.
Lydia Brown recently posted…Jersey Girl a Recovering Addicts InterviewMy Profile

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